Peglar's Custom Carpentry Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all work performed:

-Estimates includes materials, labor and applicable taxes unless otherwise noted in the estimate.

-All upgrades are subject to increased price based on current costs of materials and additional labor.
-Change orders made after the Final Client Design Approval, must be approved by Peglar's Custom Carpentry
and may subject to additional charges. This includes and is not limited to unforeseen problems outside of
visible scope of the design and estimate, design criteria not being specified by client, access restrictions, site
changes, etc.
-Customer requested production delays may be subject to additional charges if materials or production cost
change during the time of the delay.
-A deposit of 50% or more is required for construction to proceed. For orders over $4000, additional progress
payments of 15-25% of the total project costs may be requested at key points through the project.
-Invoices to be paid within 48 hours. Payment delays may result in production delays and additional charges if
storage, additional fees and/or labor are incurred due to the delay.
-Refund requests prior to production are subject to approval by Peglar's Custom Carpentry and may be limited
to the deposit balance less expenses invested in pre-production.
-Estimate Valid for 20 business days.

1. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: You agree to (a) remove any hazards, obstructions or dangerous conditions around
the job site not caused by our work (b) limit access to the job site so that people working on our job are not
exposed to dangerous conditions relating to our job, (c) place appropriate warnings to warn of dangerous
conditions when we are not on the job site, and (d) provide us with adequate access.

2. EXCEPTIONS TO OUR RESPONSIBILITIES: We are not responsible for (a) personal injury, property, property
damage or other damage or loss to you or others arising out of our work, except to the extent caused by our
negligence or failure to perform the work in accordance with the contract between us, (b) defective, damaged,
or deteriorated structures or surfaces, asbestos or other unexpected equipment (if we encounter such a
condition, we may stop work, and you will pay us a reasonable charge for the work performed), (c) the time
required to complete our work with reasonable diligence, (d) unless explicitly stated in writing, any damage
caused by the removal of any structure, surface, or previously existing materials, or (f) tasks we perform in
accordance with your specific instructions.

3. RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS: You release us from (and if you are a commercial customer, you will defend
and indemnify us and hold us harmless against) all damages, claims, demands, settlements, judgments,
liabilities, costs and expenses including reasonable attorneys’ fees allegedly arising out of (a) breech of your
responsibilities under paragraph 1 or (b) matters for which we disclaim responsibility under paragraph 2.
We release You from all damages, claims, demands, settlements, judgments, liabilities, costs and expenses
due to our direct actions, for which You have had no direct involvement, in the course of our work.

4. OUR GUARANTEE: If we provide a parts or equipment guarantee, as our exclusive remedy, we will give you
the benefit we receive, if any, under the manufacturer’s warranty. If we provide a service guarantee, it covers
only the structures, surfaces or materials, and defective workmanship, during the guarantee term. As your
exclusive remedy under our service guarantee, we will, at our option, either do the work again at no labor cost
or refund your payment.
Guarantees do not apply to problems arising out of improper, abnormal or unanticipated use or conditions.
Except as explicitly stated in writing, we are not giving any guarantees or making any warranties. WE DISCLAIM
inquiries, you should contact our Management at the phone number listed on the front of the invoice.

5. LIMITATION OF DAMAGES: Our liability to you for any claim arising out of our work on any job (other than
a claim permitted by these terms for personal or bodily injury) will in no event exceed three times the amount
you actually pay us for the work on that job. EXCEPT FOR A CLAIM PERMITTED BY THESE TERMS FOR

6. OVERDUE AMOUNTS: If you fail to pay us any amount when due, we will charge you interest on the amount
due at the rate of 1.5% per month (but not to exceed the highest rate legally permissible by law). You will
reimburse us for the attorney’s fees we endure in all stages of collection.

7. GENERAL: These terms are part of our contractual agreement and will prevail over any inconsistent terms in
any other agreement between us, including the terms of any purchase order, and may be modified only in
written instrument signed by both of us which specifically refers to the provisions to be modified. If any of
these terms are held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will not be affected and will continue
to apply.

By signing an estimate and/or invoice or making a deposit or consideration, the customer agrees to the
services and conditions outlined in this document.